“PhotoBRICS 2016” “National symbols of the BRICS. Architecture. Nature”

General terms

Public photographic project “Photo BRICS” (hereinafter – the Photo project) was launched in order to facilitate international cultural and information exchange. The project is held annually within the BRICS countries.
The theme of 2016 contest is “National symbols of the BRICS. Architecture. Nature”.
Exhibition of the Photo project participants’ works is timed to the annual summit of BRICS, which will be held in Goa, India at 15-16th of October 2016. The jury will select the top 10 photos from each BRICS country by the beginning of the exhibition (total of 50 works).

The Project framework
The Photo project is public and open to young people between 14 and 35 years, as well as the creative unions of photographers (hereinafter – the Authors), which have citizenship of Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Republic of South Africa.
Only works in the technique of a photography can be taken on the project. Collages and images made by computer graphics are not allowed to the selection process. Individual pictures are allowed to selection. A series of photos (2 to 5 photos), united by a common idea and a common visual solution can be allowed to the Photo project at the announcement of a special section.

Participants register and submit photos electronically via http://www.artbrics.com/ (the organizer’s website). The authorized format of a photo, allowed to participate in the Photo project, is as follows: the JPEG file format, image resolution – 300 dpi, with the file size from 0 to 2 MB. Photos must not contain inscriptions – authorship, year, title and other symbols or other text inflicted by any method after shooting.
To participate in the selection process the participants should register on the Photo project portal and fill in the electronic registration form, including the following information:

• Year of birth
• Gender
• Citizenship
• Country of residence
• City of residence (location)
• Contact telephone number
• E-mail address
• Occupation
• Consent to the processing of personal data

Each of the works presented at the Photo project must have a description, which must specify:

• Name of the photo
• Shooting place (country, location or name of a place)
• The time of shooting;
• Additional information on the content of the photo: who (what) is depicted, clarifying the place, a description of the circumstances of the shot event, etc.

Participation in the selection process is free of charge.

Project stages
Creation of a working group with one representative-coordinator from each country by July 30, 2016.
The Photo project includes the following steps:
Stage 1 – registration and reception of photos in electronic form via www.artbrics.com portal by September 1, 2016;
Stage 2 – the moderators will select the photos corresponding to the conditions of competition from 1 to 15 September, 2016;
Stage 3 – the working group of representatives-coordinators and experts form each country will select ten (10) best photos from 20 to 30 September 2016;
Stage 4 – the final exhibition in Goa in October 2016 during the Summit.

Final exhibition
The exhibition of the winning works is timed to the annual summit of the BRICS countries in October 2016. The contest photos will be posted on the display means and in electronic format on the Project portal www.artbrics.com. The organizers of the contest may decide to issue a printed photo album with the works that have been selected during the competition.